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growth with oakland therapist Justin McGahan

in therapy...

You better understand yourself,  then get what you really want from life.


What do you need to master your relationships and live at your full potential?

You've learned patterns of approaching situations that now result in dissatisfaction, discomfort, or the disappointment of loved ones.


This dissatisfaction is simply a cue that something needs to change.
When we try to resist or ignore this cue, sometimes we end up tangled in larger issues:

  • hopelessness or stuckness

  • inauthenticity

  • stress & anxiety, or feeling trapped

  • low self-confidence & insecurity

  • avoidance

  • infidelity

Working with a therapist offers a fresh perspective, something challenging & nourishing.

You gain insight about issues that might be difficult to face alone.

Your motivations, goals, and strengths become clearer.  

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