Holistic, growth-centered therapy works well with those looking to develop themselves and live a more fulfilling, meaningful life.  A therapist might help you:


  • seek truth, meaning, & purpose

  • better understand how to get what you want from relationships

  • increase your boldness, clarity, appreciation, and openness

oakland therapist justin mcgahan purpose

Life is about balance. Sometimes things get in the way of our balancing external demands with our internal goals, wants, and longings.


A therapist helps you discover what you need for an internal and external balance, in your relationships, work, family, and social life.

oakland therapist justin mcgahan psychotherapist

Therapy is sometimes thought of as a solely serious endeavor, but our issues should also be approached with humor and lightness.


Life is difficult enough without our making it more trouble than it has to be.  


You can take improving yourself seriously, while engaging with life becomes lighter and easier.

I have experience working with people in LGBTQ, social justice, anarchist, sex-positive, and poly communities.  I work with adults or adolescents 15+.