Mindfulness is being aware of and present with what is happening in this moment, with acceptance of whatever that is.  (You can read articles about mindfulness in the Resources section).


Mindfulness can be a useful tool for deeper therapeutic exploration, increasing your self-understanding, and adding ease to daily living.  I'm experienced in teaching mindfulness, leading meditation, and the personal practice of mindfulness.



What is mindfulness?   


As you read these words, what is passing through your mind? Do you feel your body making contact with the chair in which you sit? To where is your attention going? Is it fully here, on this page, or is it also on your hunger, the air’s temperature, or your to-do list?


Mindfulness is about being aware of your mind in this moment, with a gentle acceptance of wherever that is.


Mindfulness is awareness of present experience, with acceptance. Thus mindfulness is composed of three elements: awareness, presence—contact with this moment, and acceptance. If we are aware of, present with, and accept this moment, then we are being mindful.